Capt. Garry Aranda

SWAC retro fits their fleet with SVIG Diamond Grade Chevron Panels. This project is designed to increase visibility of emergency workers while on scene.

Diamond Grade Chevron Panel Testimonial

May, 2011

5/5 stars

In 2006 our firefighters reported an increase in close calls on our emergency operations at highway incidents, at this point we started to track these incidents, and we monitored the websites Close Calls, Responder Safety, and visited with neighboring agencies about these incidents. Two local agencies reported that they had three actual highway accidents resulting in major apparatus damage, firefighters were getting injured and two highway workers were killed during night operations. We looked at the proposed changes from the NFPA 1901 standard and the report on traffic incident management from the US Fire Administration. The decision was made to add an inverted Chevron to the rear of our apparatus using the colors and material listed in the Model Uniform Traffic Code, the Traffic Incident Management Report as well as the proposed changes to 1901.

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